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WaxAddict - Since our Waxybox launch we have consistently developed our own waxes in-house, taking valuable feedback from each Waxybox feature and retreating to the drawing board to make improvements with each step. Our development in Waxybox has allowed us to focus on premium wax properties; durability, reflection, ease of use and water behaviour. Our passion has always been hand made car wax, gloss, immense water beading and that moment where you stand back after hours of detailing with a satisfying grin! Every Wax Addict will feel this when using our waxes.
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WaxAddict 70mm Luxury Foam Pads 2pk
A pack of 2 premium grade, 90ppi ultra dense cell foam applicator pads. Size: 70mm x 30mm Ideal for applying the thinnest layer of wax, ideally sized to fit most wax pots. Manufactured in the UK exclusively for WaxAddict.
£4.00 £2.00
WaxAddict Slick Suds Wheel Shampoo
SlicksSuds is a coating safe wheel shampoo that safely lifts dirt without removing nanotechnology and waxed based coatings. Waxaddict wheel wax removes the need for heavy wheel cleaners, however if you still want a product to lift the dirt and brake dust when cleaning then SlickSuds is ideal.A spray...
£7.95 £3.98
WaxAddict Snowfoam
This Is No Ordinary Snow Foam! A unique luxury blend of gentle detergents and cosmetic grade surfactants that cover your car in a thick foam to help lift and remove traffic film prior to washing. The extremely concentrated solution will dilute from 1:10 to 1:20+ parts of warm water. For general pre wash...
£14.95 £5.23
WaxAddict SubZero
A worlds first; a car wax that invigorates your senses with the natural vapours of menthol oils. The wax itself contains a balanced mix of polymer and organic wax blended with fast drying oils to aid curing times. Subzero will cure within 8 minutes at 0C-5C and leaves superb gloss, ultra strong waterbeading...
£50.00 £25.00
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