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dooka BLEED Fallout Remover
DOOKA BLEED | TUTTI FRUITY EDITION FALLOUT REMOVER dooka BLEED is a fast acting, Ph - balanced iron fallout remover formulated to safely and effectively remove damaging ferrous fallout such as brake and rail dust, metallic industrial pollution and other ferrous particles commonly found on paintwork,...
dooka GLASS vg Glass Cleaner
DOOKA GLASS VG | VAPERS GLASS CLEANER dooka GLASS vg glass cleaner has been specially formulated to not only be an outstanding interior and exterior glass cleaner, but also to remove e-cigarette vaping oils with which many glass cleaners struggle with. GLASS vg is also very good at cutting through traffic...
Dooka Twisted Pile Drying Towel
DOOKA TWISTED PILE PAD POSE DRYING TOWEL One of the safest ways to dry your car is with the dooka grey twisted pile microfibre car drying towel. The dooka twisted pile drying and detailing towel is manufactured in Korea and has a super soft microfibre border to help reduce marring your paint Streak free...
dooka WASH Automotive Shampoo
DOOKA WASH | AUTOMOTIVE SHAMPOO 17 months in the making, dooka WASH Automotive Shampoo has been formulated to be a Ph - Neutral, Free rinsing, wax and sealant safe, pure shampoo aimed towards regularly maintained vehicles. Containing no gloss enhancers, waxes or sealants, the high foaming ultra slick...
dooka WHEELS wheel Shampoo / Cleaner
DOOKA WHEELS | MAINTENANCE WHEEL SHAMPOO dooka WHEELS is a Ph-Neutral maintenance wheel shampoo, designed for maintained, sealed, sensitive wheel surfaces such as polished and chrome. We often hear or get asked, what is the best thing to clean my sealed wheels or my sensitive wheels. Most people as do...
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