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Only second to buying a house, buying a Car, Boat or Super Bike is one of the biggest investments you will probably make. So it makes sense to 'Protect your Investment'.

Britemax is a family run business dedicated to producing the finest range of products not only for the professional detailer, but for the discerning enthusiast - In fact for anyone who takes pride in keeping their ride looking good. And at a price that won't break the bank.

At Britemax we have the backing of some of the finest chemists & blenders, you are assured of continued product development and new releases. 

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Britemax Black Max
One 473ml bottle. Britemax Black Max is the original polymer-based ultra fine polishing glaze. Formulated to quickly and easily remove stubborn fine polish lines and micro swirls left behind by more aggressive buffing compounds often only noticed in direct sunlight. By polishing with Black Max, the depth...
Britemax Clay Max Clay Bar - 100g
Britemax CLAYMAX Chemical Resistant Clay Bar 100g Professional grade surface preparation Chemically resistant - use with Iron Max Pulls potentially harmful bonded contaminants. Makes decontaminating paintwork safer & easier. Can use tap water as a lubricant. Prepares paintwork for polishing. Supplied...
Britemax Clean Max Shampoo
Clean Max is a fortified blend of mild surfactants and cleaners formulated to be a power cleaner yet gentle on the paint and the environment. Clean Max was developed to remove the toughest vehicle grime including bugs and tar while maximizing your surface protection. The special biodegradable formulation...
Britemax Easy Cut Metal Polish
Easy Cut cleans light to heavy oxidation easily from bare metals such as aluminium, brass copper, magnesium, gold, silver and blended metals. It quickly removes surface rust from chrome. Easy Cut contains a combination of solvents & chemicals that react to break down oxidation slip components and extremely...
Britemax Extreme Elements
One 473ml bottle. Extreme Elements is a super durable resin polymer cream sealant, used to protect against acid rain, bird droppings, salt water and arid climates. Seals with optical clarity and adds a depth of shine and warmth to painted finishes. Extreme Elements can be applied in direct sunlight and...
Britemax Final Shine Metal Polish
Final Shine removes light oxidation and light to medium staining from bare metals, chrome and stainless steel. This unique formulation is fortified to provide a chrome like appearance on polished aluminium with a protective resin polymer seal. Final Shine will continue to protect the metal for months...
Britemax Grime Out
One 709ml bottle. Grime Out very quickly dissolves brake dust, engine grease, embedded dirt in rubber, bugs, road tar, salt spray and hard water spots on glass. Performs where traditional cleaners fail, turns tyres black and white walls and raised lettering bright white. Excellent for removing show scuffs...
Britemax Interior Cleaner
709ml bottle. Interior Cleaner is formulated to be safe on all interior surfaces yet effective on tough stains including spills, body oils, pet stains, grease and deeply embedded soil in textured vinyl. Use on upholstery, vinyl, rubber, plastic, cloth, carpet, floor mats and smooth leather. Interior...
Britemax Iron Max
Britemax IRON MAX is a gentle but extremely effective cleaner and iron remover that is safe to use on bodywork and all types of painted, alloy, anodized, clear coated, chrome, aluminium and stainless steel wheels. With IRON MAX you can clean & decontaminate with confidence. IRON MAX removes road grime,...
Britemax Leather Max
One 473ml bottle. Leather Max is a cream style leather and vinyl cleaner & conditioner that penetrates and protects leather surfaces and delivers a long lasting, non-greasy satin finish. The special formulation penetrates the surface unlike silicone treatments that simply sit on the surface and attract...
Britemax Max Shine
One 473ml bottle. Max shine combines Brazilian Carnauba and Montan wax along with a blend of amino-functional polymers that chain together to deliver a deep, high gloss finish with superb durability. Max Shine can be used as a standalone product or as a gloss enhancer applied after Britemax Extreme Elements....
Britemax 'Metal Twins' Polish
One Easy Cut and one Final Shine bottle. Easy Cut Easy Cut cleans light to heavy oxidation easily from bare metals such as aluminium, brass copper, magnesium, gold, silver and blended metals. It quickly removes surface rust from chrome. Easy Cut contains a combination of solvents & chemicals that react...
Britemax Perfect Prep
Perfect Prep Multi-Surface Fine Polish & Swirl Remover 473ml (16oz) Cleans Away Old Wax Cleans Away Polish & Embedded Dirt Removes Swirls & Minor Imperfections Lubricated, Fast-Acting Abrasive Cut Works on Headlights & Plastic Will not Load up Wool or Foam Pads Contains No Silicone - Body Shop safe Also...
Britemax Rubber Max
One 473ml bottle. Rubber Max is an easy to use, gel style rubber & plastic trim conditioner and protectant formulated to penetrate the surface and leave a satin gloss finish. The high hiding characteristics quickly and evenly restore dried and discoloured surfaces. Rubber Max will not attract dust and...
Britemax Spray and Shine
Spray & Shine is among our best selling products. Fortified with wax it offers a quick and easy application to create a beautiful wet look shine on all painted surfaces, clear-coats, plastics and metals. True wax components will not leave streaking after it has dried. Cleans chrome quickly and can be...
Britemax UberMax Drying Towel
UberMax IncREDible Drying Towel 50cm x 70cm (1000gsm) Double Thickness Deep Plush Pile Single Seam 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28") 1000gsm A luxurious double thickness, deep plush pile drying towel developed to safely dry your complete vehicle with ease. The UberMax IncREDible drying towel is a massive 50cm...
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