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Auto Finesse was founded to take automotive care to new levels. Dedicated to offering world class products and customer service, from car guys to car guys. Understanding the needs of our customers and delivering solutions to their car care needs with products that simply work. From order placement to advise and guides we aim to cater for everyone from the enthusiast to the professional. iShine Car Care are official stockists of the Auto Finesse range. 

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Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel
A luxury drying towel with an ultra deep pile developed to safely dry your vehicle with ease. The Aqua Deluxe drying towel is 500mm wide and 700mm long so will dry your vehicle whether its folded in to half or in quarters. Its deep 1200g/m pile will quickly absorb all surface water. Dimensions: 500mm...
Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam
Avalanche snow foam, this Citrus Power infused foaming pre-wash solution is the perfect product to assist you in those winter months to loosen and remove road grime prior to contact washing, doing most of the work for you. Avalanche was developed to fill a gap in a market, whilst many snow foams proclaim...
Auto Finesse Citrus Power
1 x 1ltr Make light work of bugs on the front of your car with Citrus Power bug and grime remover, and take care of road grime from the grubbier areas to without removing or effecting car wax or paint sealant layers. Here at Auto Finesse we aim to create the ultimate car care products, Citrus Power is...
Auto Finesse Crew Bag
The ultimate storage for the expert detailer that needs all of their Auto Finesse products to hand where ever they're working. Consists of: Two outside pockets, with one mesh pocket for damp cloths 12 x 500ml & 250ml pockets inside 2 x 1L spaces inside Extra room through the middle to fit more bottles...
Auto Finesse Crystal Glass Cleaner
1 x 500ml bottle. At Auto Finesse, our quest for the holy grail of flawless glass resulted in Crystal glass cleaner. Its highly concentrated, and finely balanced blend of mild distilled solvents represents a major advancement over common detergent-based glass cleaners. Fingerprints and greasy films can...
Auto Finesse Dressle All Purpose Dressing
1 x 500ml bottle. Have you ever struggled to dress modern honeycomb grills, or wanted to add that finishing touch to a freshly detailed engine bay? Then Auto Finesse Dressle is for you! This liquid, dry touch water based dressing can be sprayed directly on to the surface or applied via an applicator...
Auto Finesse Essence - Carnauba Wax
1 x 150g tin. Essence was born from the pursuit to produce the ultimate "all rounder wax, a wax that provides crisp bright reflections on Silvers and Whites as well as it adds warmth and depth to dark metallics and solid paint finishes, a product that can be applied with ease and removed effortlessly....
Auto Finesse Glass Waffle Cloth
Cleaning automotive glass to a smear free finish is no easy task, we have created some great formulations to make the near impossible reality and now we give you the perfect tool to accompany them, this 40x60cm waffle weave glass towel folds in the quarters perfectly to assist you cleaning glass on all...
Auto Finesse Glide Clay Lube
1 x 500ml bottle. Lack of proper lubrication is the number one cause of marring during the claying process, which is why we created Auto Finesse Glide clay bar lube. Its special blend of slip agents help to encapsulate debris released during the claying process, and allow the detailing clay bar to slide...
Auto Finesse Glisten Spray Wax
1 x 500ml bottle. An advance spray wax, perfect for those with little time or for treating hard to reach areas. A simple spray and wipe formula. Suitable for all paint finishes, including matte paint and wraps. Directions for use: Ensure vehicle is clean and dry before application. Spray a light mist...
Auto Finesse Gloss Tyre Dressing
1 x 500ml bottle - missing spray head, discounted price!! In detailing one of the most important pieces are the finishing touches. One of the key finishing touches is the wheels and tyres. Dripping wet tyres can really enhance the appearance of any vehicle, whether it is a car, motorbike, tuck or lorry...
Auto Finesse Handi Puck
Turn your favorite spot pad in to an ergonomic hand applicator pad with the Handi Puck. This Velcro backed High density foam dome has been designed to fit a wide range of 75-120mm pads, from applying wax to tyre dressings, to polishing intricate areas around the car, the Handi Pucks versatility is endless...
Auto Finesse Handi Puck Kit
This kit includes a handi-puck, plus one each of wax, polishing, scrubbi and tyre dressing pads. Turn your favorite spot pad in to an ergonomic hand applicator pad with the Handi Puck. This Velcro backed High density foam dome has been designed to fit a wide range of 75-120mm pads, from applying wax...
Auto Finesse Hide Leather Cleaner
1 x 500ml bottle. Restoring the sensual finish of your fine leather upholstery begins by removing the in-ground grime with Auto Finesse Hide Cleanser. The first half of our leather care duo, Hide Cleanser was developed with the needs of modern leather finishes in mind. Our goal was to create a dedicated...
Auto Finesse Hide Leather Conditioner
1 x 250ml bottle. Conditioning leather with Auto Finesse Hide Conditioner completes restoring the sensual finish of your fine leather upholstery. The second half of our leather care duo, Hide Conditioner was developed with the needs of modern leather finishes in mind. Our goal was to create a dedicated...
Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner
1 x 500ml bottle. Neglected alloy wheels with thick, caked on brake dust is one of those situations when shampoo just isnt enough, and its the reason we created Auto Finesse Imperial acid free wheel cleaner. A powerful blend of cleaning agents and degreasers, Imperial non-acidic wheel cleaner will start...
Auto Finesse Iron Out Contamination Remover
1 x 500ml bottle. Reactive iron fallout removers are one of the coolest new products to hit the detailing industry in recent years, and Auto Finesse Iron Out Intensive Iron Contaminate and Fallout Remover is our addition to this important decontamination stage. Iron fallout (Also called Rail Dust, though...
Auto Finesse Lather Shakes Shampoo
1 x 500ml bottle. The popular Auto Finesse Lather Shampoo - Shakes Edition. Pick your favourite from Banana, Strawberry or Chocolate - also available in a three pack, with a 5% saving. A safe wash procedure is the most important step in detailing, which is why we have spent so much time developing our...
Auto Finesse Lather Shampoo
1 x 500ml bottle. A safe wash procedure is the most important step in detailing, which is why we have spent so much time developing our pH neutral car shampoo; Lather. Auto Finesse Lather car shampoo is a true detailers shampoo: a tangerine scented blend of gentle, pH neutral surfactants, highly concentrated...
Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish
1 x 100ml tin. New or old, it is likely that your vehicle will have some form of exposed metal. Whether it is in the form of a custom exhaust tip or a vintage oil filler cap, your bright work should never look dull, tarnished or oxidised! Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish was brought into our range as...
Auto Finesse Mint Rims Wheel Wax
1 x 100ml tin. Auto Finesse Mint Rims wheel wax lives up to its name: it protects your rims with durable synthetic waxes, and keeps them in mint condition. Mint Rims alloy wheel sealant slick, high-gloss finish helps to repel damaging brake dust, and makes future wheel cleaning a snap. Once applied,...
Auto Finesse ObliTARate Tar and Glue Remover
1 x 500ml bottle. Watch tar and glue residues get ObliTARated, Auto Finesse style! Auto Finesse ObliTARates strong, solvent-based formula quickly dissolves contamination on contact, removing even the most stubborn tar and glue residues without damaging the underlying finish. Long dissatisfied with the...
Auto Finesse Radiance Carnauba Creme
Radiance carnauba créme offers the deep wet look shine associated with our hard wax collection, in an easy to use cream formula. Packed with T1 grade carnauba wax, Radiance provides paintwork with a durable protective layer that lasts up to 3 months. Suitable for use on all colours and finishes on paintwork...
Auto Finesse Rag Top Cleaner
1 x 500ml bottle. A deep cleaning shampoo for fabric vehicle hoods. Removes ground in dirt, road grime, mould, moss and revives convertible covers. Directions for use: Rinse roof thoroughly before application. Spray cleaner liberally across the surface and agitate with an upholstery brush or sponge....
Auto Finesse Rag Top Protector
1 x 500ml bottle. A protection barrier spray for all types of fabric vehicle hoods. Designed to provide protection against the elements, repel road grime and stop dirt getting ingrained in to the surface. With added UV protection to reduce colour fade. Directions for use: Ensure surface is clean and...
Auto Finesse Rejuvenate Pre Wax Cleanser
1 x 250ml bottle. Auto Finesse Rejuvenate is a glaze based abrasive paintwork cleanser, designed specifically to enhance the beauty and performance of our signature waxes. While both waxes and sealants share the common purpose of protecting and beautifying paintwork, each goes about it in a slightly...
Auto Finesse Revive Trim Dressing
Faded plastic trims are a fact of life on modern vehicles, but with Auto Finesse Revive trim dressing, we believe we have come up with a perfect solution. Auto Finesse Revive darkens and restores colour to the trim, leaving behind a subtle satin finish that is dry to the touch, and will not run off in...
Auto Finesse Revolution Wheel Soap
1 x 500ml bottle. An advanced deep cleaning wash solution designed to break down brake dust and road grime whilst being gentle to painted, polished, anodised and other specialist finishes. Also helps in maintaining the life span of wheel sealants. Directions for use: Add 2 - 3 capfuls to a bucket of...
Auto Finesse Satin Tyre Creme
1 x 500ml bottle. Sometimes products slowly evolve over time, but with Satin tyre dressing, we decided to do something new, and its a massive advancement over our first tyre dressing Gloss. Auto Finesse Satin tyre gel promises almost universal appeal. The latest breed of high-tech, water-based dressings,...
Auto Finesse Scrubi Spot Pad
The Scrubi pad turns your Handi Puck in to an interior and fabric hood cleaning tool. Combined with one of our Interior cleaners such as Total and Hide or our All purpose cleaner Verso you can quickly and efficiently agitate them on fabrics, carpets and a whole host of other interior surfaces.
Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Quick Detailer
1 x 500ml bottle. Auto Finesse Spritz is the perfect interior dressing for those times when you simply want to maintain that factory fresh interior finish of a brand new car. For all intensive purposes, Spritz is an 'interior quick detailer', capable of both lightly cleaning and protecting interior plastics...
Auto Finesse Temptation - Carnauba Wax
1 x 150g pot. The desire to wax your car or motorcycle begins with the Temptation to bring beauty to what can otherwise be a drab part of modern life. Auto Finesse Temptation is our latest entry-level wax, designed to protect and beautify your vehicles finish with a startling gloss, while being easy...
Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner
1 x 500ml bottle. A truly dedicated interior all purpose cleaner, Auto Finesse Total is tailored to handle the unique requirements of sensitive interior surfaces. Whether you are cleaning plastic, vinyl rubber, cloth, or carpet, Totals sophisticated low-foaming surfactants will not disappoint. It offers...
Auto Finesse Tripple AIO Polish
1 x 500ml bottle. Tripple is an all in one cleaner polish, enriched with pure Brazilian Carnauba. Its easy application will deep clean paintwork, whilst glazing for shine and add a protective layer of carnauba in one easy step, making it the ultimate product for the speedy detailer. A personal favourite...
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