Autobrite Direct are a family operated car care business based in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire. Offering a complete range of products, from the popular Autobrite snow foam lance and Magifoam snow foam, to wheel cleaners, polishes, waxes and accessories. iShine Car Care are approved stockists of the Autobrite Direct range.  

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Autobrite Alcantara Cleaner
Comprises a solvent free, water based cleaning solution that is designed to safely and effectively lift general soiling from Alcantara surfaces without any need for significant wetting or over enthusiastic agitation. Ideal for cleaning delicate Alcantara surfaces. 500ml with trigger spray
Autobrite Banana Gloss Shampoo
Banana Gloss Shampoo actively helps to maintain protective wax layers on your car. A luxurious foaming action also greatly increases the lubricity of the wash solution, which minimises the risk of inflicting fine scratches during the washing process, while the gentle nature of the formula means that...
Autobrite Berry Blast Quick Detailer
Autobrite Berry Blast Quick Detailer This is a highly versatile product that can be diluted for a variety of uses. Neat as a spray wax 2:1 as a waterless wash 3:1 / 5:1 as a Quick Detailer 5:1 / 10:1 as a Clay lubricant.
Autobrite Brilliance High Gloss Glaze
Brilliance. The exquisite glaze from Autobrite Direct, designed specifically to mask swirls and add a layer of protection, provided by the fine quality montan and crystalline waxes expertly blended into delicious blackberry scented Brilliance. Effortless in application, Brilliance is best applied by...
Autobrite Brite Gel Non Acid Wheel Cleaner
Autobrite Brite Gel Safe Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Gel - by Autobrite Direct Brite Gel is a sticky, lemon and lime scented, non acid wheel & tyre cleaner beyond compare. Powerful cleaners that foam heavily when agitated, combined with the stickiness of Brite Gel ensure that your wheels are thoroughly cleaned...
Autobrite CarBanuba Wet Wax
Carbanuba - Car-Ban-Uba - Banana Scented Wet Wax - 500ml A cream wet wax to give your car that warm, mellow glow! Its here! Carbanuba is the KING OF THE SWINGERS!! CarBanUba- When waxing your car, for that tropical sensation that is second to none, reach for Carbanuba. For ease of use and a quality finish,...
Autobrite Cherry Glaze Polish
Cherry glaze has been formulated to give your car that ultimate shine. Cherry glaze will clean and protect your car against the harmful elements. Cherry glaze will clean your paint, polish, restore the colour of your paintwork and protect to leave a outstanding finish with its special added waxes. Ideal...
Autobrite Citrus Wash Multi Purpose Cleaner
Autobrite Citrus Wash - The only APC / Degreaser you'll need! It can be used as a pre wash cleaner and degreaser , bug remover and a general purpose cleaner for wheels, arches and door shuts. A beautiful citrus fragrance, this heavy duty cleaner is formulated to cut through oil, tar, grease and road...
Autobrite Crystal Glass Cleaner
The Glass Cleaner that you need in your collection!! Autobrite Crsytal. Specifically designed for the rapid cleaning of all glass components on a vehicle. It is a fast action cleaner, which will dissolve pollutants on contact, with a single wipe operation. Will remove road grime, insects, and tobacco...
Autobrite FAB Fabric Cleaner
FAB is a Superb upholstery cleaner, stain pre-spotter and All Purpose Cleaner. FAB will clean everything fabric or hard surface areas. Whether it is carpets, roof linings, door cards, seats or hard surfaces such as dash boards FAB will tackle almost any surface and leave a fantastic clean area! FAB is...
Autobrite Just the Tonic Tar & Glue Remover
Autobrite Tar + Glue Remover is a hydrocarbon based formula containing no chlorinated solvents or methanol. It is highly effective at removing tar, glue, and asphalt from most hard surfaces including painted surfaces. Product Features Excellent cleaning action Free from chlorinated solvents Effective...
Autobrite Leather Cleanse
1 x 500ml bottle. Autobrite Leather Cleanse - Superior Leather Cleaner! A superb safe PH Neutral Leather cleaner that cleans leather in a instant! Removes grime, dirt, makeup, mud, clothing stains, milk, oil, jam, sticky sweets and everyday dirt and grime which may gather on the leather. With safe but...
Autobrite Liquid Gloss Spray Wax
Liquid Gloss Spray Wax - Your quick and easy step to a fantastic shine, and superb protection. Suitable for all painted surfaces, including alloy wheels and trim. With a delicious liquorice scent, it is an absolute pleasure to use. Containing carnauba wax, and having the ability to be layered, you can...
Autobrite Pink Sheen Interior Dressing
Pink Sheen is a specialist cleaner and polish/dressing designed to enhance the appearance of all interior plastic, vinyl, rubber and metal surfaces. It is easy to apply and produces a matte / factory look finish as well as conditioning the surface repelling dust and dirt and maintaining a "as new" look...
Autobrite Purple Velvet Shampoo
We designed Purple Velvet Shampoo to give our customers everything they could ever want in a shampoo! High concentration of up to 1500-1, luxurious suds, high gloss finish, a slick feel when washing your car, PH Neutral safe for all paint surfaces and of course the fragrance - its Juicy Fruit smell!!...
Autobrite Repel
Repel by Autobrite Direct is a new superior technology glass rain repellent that forms an invisible protective shield on all glass surfaces and rapidly repels water and enhance driver visibility in bad weather conditions. Repel will also protect the glass surface from grime, traffic film, salt, bugs,...
Autobrite Tyre Gloss
Made from silicone oils and enhancement glossing agents to give your tyres and rubber surfaces a real glossy sheen finish. Water resistant and very easy to use. Very durable and great shine! Autobrite Tyregloss can be used on a regular basis. The product enables precise application and minimises the...
Autobrite Very Cherry Non Acid Wheel Cleaner
Autobrite Direct Very cherry professional Strength Wheel Cleaner - Acid Free. Safe, fast, effective on all wheels and finishes. Specially formulated to remove road grime and brake dust, and clean wheels to their original finish. Spray,wipe and rinse. Biodegradable. Very effective on baked on brake dust...
Autobrite Wax Off - Wax Coating Remover
A product that will strip all protection wax layers from your existing paint surface! Autobrite Wax Off We find that not all APC type cleaners and paint cleaners remove old wax coatings, when these cleaners are applied there is still some degree of wax and oil covering on the surface - well not anymore!....
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