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Auto Finesse Citrus Power
1 x 1ltr Make light work of bugs on the front of your car with Citrus Power bug and grime remover, and take care of road grime from the grubbier areas to without removing or effecting car wax or paint sealant layers. Here at Auto Finesse we aim to create the ultimate car care products, Citrus Power is...
Auto Finesse Gloss Tyre Dressing
1 x 500ml bottle - missing spray head, discounted price!! In detailing one of the most important pieces are the finishing touches. One of the key finishing touches is the wheels and tyres. Dripping wet tyres can really enhance the appearance of any vehicle, whether it is a car, motorbike, tuck or lorry...
£11.95 £5.98
Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner
1 x 500ml bottle. Neglected alloy wheels with thick, caked on brake dust is one of those situations when shampoo just isnt enough, and its the reason we created Auto Finesse Imperial acid free wheel cleaner. A powerful blend of cleaning agents and degreasers, Imperial non-acidic wheel cleaner will start...
Auto Finesse Iron Out Contamination Remover
1 x 500ml bottle. Reactive iron fallout removers are one of the coolest new products to hit the detailing industry in recent years, and Auto Finesse Iron Out Intensive Iron Contaminate and Fallout Remover is our addition to this important decontamination stage. Iron fallout (Also called Rail Dust, though...
Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish
1 x 100ml tin. New or old, it is likely that your vehicle will have some form of exposed metal. Whether it is in the form of a custom exhaust tip or a vintage oil filler cap, your bright work should never look dull, tarnished or oxidised! Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish was brought into our range as...
Auto Finesse Mint Rims Wheel Wax
1 x 100ml tin. Auto Finesse Mint Rims wheel wax lives up to its name: it protects your rims with durable synthetic waxes, and keeps them in mint condition. Mint Rims alloy wheel sealant slick, high-gloss finish helps to repel damaging brake dust, and makes future wheel cleaning a snap. Once applied,...
Auto Finesse Revive Trim Dressing
Faded plastic trims are a fact of life on modern vehicles, but with Auto Finesse Revive trim dressing, we believe we have come up with a perfect solution. Auto Finesse Revive darkens and restores colour to the trim, leaving behind a subtle satin finish that is dry to the touch, and will not run off in...
Auto Finesse Revolution Wheel Soap
1 x 500ml bottle. An advanced deep cleaning wash solution designed to break down brake dust and road grime whilst being gentle to painted, polished, anodised and other specialist finishes. Also helps in maintaining the life span of wheel sealants. Directions for use: Add 2 - 3 capfuls to a bucket of...
Auto Finesse Satin Tyre Creme
1 x 500ml bottle. Sometimes products slowly evolve over time, but with Satin tyre dressing, we decided to do something new, and its a massive advancement over our first tyre dressing Gloss. Auto Finesse Satin tyre gel promises almost universal appeal. The latest breed of high-tech, water-based dressings,...
Auto Finesse Verso All Purpose Cleaner
1 x 1ltr Whether you detail vehicles every day or you are a weekend detailing hobbyist, a high quality all purpose cleaner and degreaser is a must have product. Auto Finesse Verso is our concentrated all purpose cleaner and degreaser that boast a wide range of cleaning abilities, both interior cleaning...
Auto Finesse Wooly Trio
Clean your wheels with ease, with the new Woolly Trio. Making all the hard to reach areas a breeze to clean with three different size woolly brushes, you'll never be covered in brake dust again! Safe for use on all wheels finishes, including polished, diamond cut and other delicate finishes!
Autobrite Brite Gel Non Acid Wheel Cleaner
Autobrite Brite Gel Safe Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Gel - by Autobrite Direct Brite Gel is a sticky, lemon and lime scented, non acid wheel & tyre cleaner beyond compare. Powerful cleaners that foam heavily when agitated, combined with the stickiness of Brite Gel ensure that your wheels are thoroughly cleaned...
£7.95 £5.00
Autobrite Citrus Wash Multi Purpose Cleaner
Autobrite Citrus Wash - The only APC / Degreaser you'll need! It can be used as a pre wash cleaner and degreaser , bug remover and a general purpose cleaner for wheels, arches and door shuts. A beautiful citrus fragrance, this heavy duty cleaner is formulated to cut through oil, tar, grease and road...
£7.95 £4.77
Autobrite Endurance Trim and Tyre Gel
1 x 500ml bottle. A unique long lasting durable tyre and trim gel dressing that will bring that 'as new' finish to your exterior and interior trim - plus its good for tyres too! The product is a thick gel in clear form to give you that precise application every time. Unique gel formula Effective and...
£11.95 £7.17
Autobrite Metal Worx 100ml
A must for all shiny wheel and exhaust enthusiasts. One of the best Metal Polishes on the market today! Metal Worx gently cleans away surface contaminants, rust, grime, tarnish and carbon making metal, chrome, brass, cast aluminium, gold, copper, alloy and any other metal surface you can clean sparkle...
Autobrite Purple Rain v2.0 Decontamination Remover
Autobrite Purple Rain is a PH balanced cleaner designed to dissolve brake dust and iron contaminants upon contact. Created specifically for cleaning wheels , it is also safe for use on other exterior surfaces where iron contaminants are difficult to remove. v2.0 improves upon the original by having quicker...
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Autobrite Tyre Gloss
Made from silicone oils and enhancement glossing agents to give your tyres and rubber surfaces a real glossy sheen finish. Water resistant and very easy to use. Very durable and great shine! Autobrite Tyregloss can be used on a regular basis. The product enables precise application and minimises the...
£9.95 £4.98
Autobrite Very Cherry Non Acid Wheel Cleaner
Autobrite Direct Very cherry professional Strength Wheel Cleaner - Acid Free. Safe, fast, effective on all wheels and finishes. Specially formulated to remove road grime and brake dust, and clean wheels to their original finish. Spray,wipe and rinse. Biodegradable. Very effective on baked on brake dust...
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Bouncers Dress to Impress Dressing
1 x 250ml Dress to Impress is a one step solution for restoring all your exterior black plastic trims and giving your tyres a gloss finish - The last step in a clean car presentation. It can be applied via a detailing brush for honeycomb style grilles, around circular areas and to get the best out of...
Bouncers Looking Sweet Wheel Wax
1 x 100ml Looking Sweet - a fully synthetic, high temperature resistant wheel wax. Bouncer's 'Looking Sweet' is a highly durable, fully synthetic, high temperature wheel wax designed for use on all types of alloy wheels. It will assist in the protection your wheels against road dirt and brake dust, keeping...
Britemax Grime Out
One 709ml bottle. Grime Out very quickly dissolves brake dust, engine grease, embedded dirt in rubber, bugs, road tar, salt spray and hard water spots on glass. Performs where traditional cleaners fail, turns tyres black and white walls and raised lettering bright white. Excellent for removing show scuffs...
Britemax Iron Max
Britemax IRON MAX is a gentle but extremely effective cleaner and iron remover that is safe to use on bodywork and all types of painted, alloy, anodized, clear coated, chrome, aluminium and stainless steel wheels. With IRON MAX you can clean & decontaminate with confidence. IRON MAX removes road grime,...
Britemax Rubber Max
One 473ml bottle. Rubber Max is an easy to use, gel style rubber & plastic trim conditioner and protectant formulated to penetrate the surface and leave a satin gloss finish. The high hiding characteristics quickly and evenly restore dried and discoloured surfaces. Rubber Max will not attract dust and...
Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller Iron Fallout Remover
Colour-change iron removers have become very popular due to their effective action and spectacular reaction when they come into contact with near-invisible iron contaminants. Whilst they will never be a complete substitute for claying, they can decrease your clays workload and work brilliantly on wheels...
Dodo Juice Hog Hair Brush
Wheel and detailing brushes need to have a short-ish bristle depth to prevent them from flexing unduly, and this means that metal collared brushes are no use theres a chance the collar could scratch the surface being cleaned. The Dodo Juice Hog Brush uses a plastic collar to guard against scratches,...
Dodo Juice Mellow Yellow Wheel Cleaner
This potent wheel cleaner really gets to work on brake dust, yet it's very kind to the wheels... because it targets the contamination, not the surface underneath. Unlike the extremely caustic alkaline products on the market (typically marketed as 'acid-free') created because of scaremongering about acids,...
Dodo Juice Release the Grease - Engine Bay Cleaner
You may not be aware, but our chemists do some or their best formulations when listening to music. In the case of Release the Grease, they just so happened to be listening to "Dirty" by Christina Aguilera. While getting down and picturing xtina in her knickers and chaps they created a powerful degreaser/cleaner...
Dodo Juice Total WipeOut All Purpose Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaners can be used to clean, well, virtually anything... upholstery and headlining inside the cabin, engine bays and wheel arches outside the car. Theyre like a strong shampoo, removing stains, grime and grease from soft and hard surfaces whilst rinsing out with water and leaving no residue...
dooka WHEELS wheel Shampoo / Cleaner
DOOKA WHEELS | MAINTENANCE WHEEL SHAMPOO dooka WHEELS is a Ph-Neutral maintenance wheel shampoo, designed for maintained, sealed, sensitive wheel surfaces such as polished and chrome. We often hear or get asked, what is the best thing to clean my sealed wheels or my sensitive wheels. Most people as do...
iShine Crescent Tyre Dressing Pad
A crescent shaped foam tyre dressing applicator that works with all different types of liquid or gel products. The high quality foam is sturdy and durable to withstand frequent applications. Easy grip pad that is shaped to follow the contour of the tyre. Foam applicator reduces the risk of tire sling...
iShine Double Loop Wheel Spoke Brush
Our double loop wheel spoke brush is the answer to keeping the insides of those wheels clean. Its size means it will fit through the spokes of most wheels, and enable you to clean the inside of the wheel rim with ease. Now you no longer have to look at those clean wheels, only to be let down by the amount...
iShine Large Wheel Spoke Brush
Our large wheel spoke brush is the answer to keeping the insides of those wheels clean. Despite its size it will still fit through the spokes of most wheels, and enable you to clean the inside of the wheel rim with ease.
iShine Microfibre Wheel Brush
Our microfibre wheel brush features a super soft microfibre head, to allow you to clean wheels safely and effectively. Its size means it will fit through the spokes of most wheels, allowing a complete and through clean with ease.
iShine Polishing Cone
A super soft foam polishing cone. Perfect for polishing wheels, exhausts and other intricate areas. Supplied with 6mm Spindle, so will fit most electric drills.
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