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Auto Finesse Essence - Carnauba Wax
1 x 150g tin. Essence was born from the pursuit to produce the ultimate "all rounder wax, a wax that provides crisp bright reflections on Silvers and Whites as well as it adds warmth and depth to dark metallics and solid paint finishes, a product that can be applied with ease and removed effortlessly....
Auto Finesse Glisten Spray Wax
1 x 500ml bottle. An advance spray wax, perfect for those with little time or for treating hard to reach areas. A simple spray and wipe formula. Suitable for all paint finishes, including matte paint and wraps. Directions for use: Ensure vehicle is clean and dry before application. Spray a light mist...
Auto Finesse Temptation - Carnauba Wax
1 x 150g pot. The desire to wax your car or motorcycle begins with the Temptation to bring beauty to what can otherwise be a drab part of modern life. Auto Finesse Temptation is our latest entry-level wax, designed to protect and beautify your vehicles finish with a startling gloss, while being easy...
Autobrite CarBanuba Wet Wax
Carbanuba - Car-Ban-Uba - Banana Scented Wet Wax - 500ml A cream wet wax to give your car that warm, mellow glow! Its here! Carbanuba is the KING OF THE SWINGERS!! CarBanUba- When waxing your car, for that tropical sensation that is second to none, reach for Carbanuba. For ease of use and a quality finish,...
£16.50 £9.90
Autobrite Liquid Gloss Spray Wax
Liquid Gloss Spray Wax - Your quick and easy step to a fantastic shine, and superb protection. Suitable for all painted surfaces, including alloy wheels and trim. With a delicious liquorice scent, it is an absolute pleasure to use. Containing carnauba wax, and having the ability to be layered, you can...
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Autobrite Project 64
PROJECT 64 Forget what you know about Project 32, Project 64 is quite literally twice the beast Project 32 was! Project 64 is a highly advanced gloss enhancing spray that offers powerful sealant properties, enhancing colour along the way. Project 64 is an incredibly easy to apply product: spray, wipe...
Autobrite Wax Off - Wax Coating Remover
A product that will strip all protection wax layers from your existing paint surface! Autobrite Wax Off We find that not all APC type cleaners and paint cleaners remove old wax coatings, when these cleaners are applied there is still some degree of wax and oil covering on the surface - well not anymore!....
£7.95 £3.98
Bouncers Bead Juice Exterior Protector / Sealant
1 x 500ml with trigger spray. A Nano Tech Exterior Protection Sealant that can be applied either wet or dry. - Bead Juice is perfectly safe to use on any other coating or existing wax layers. - Can also be used on all exterior inc glass/plastics/alloys etc. Keep your car protected and looking cleaner...
Bouncers Capture the Rapture
1 x 100ml Bouncer's leading Show wax, high gloss, ease of use with a 1 to 2 month durability. Perfectly suited to summer show events or just to oooze that dripping wet look finish on your paintwork. A Passion Fruit fragrance product that all in creates an enviable and as has been proven at various car...
Bouncers Check the Fleck
1 x 100ml Bouncer's 'Check the Fleck' is a wax specially formulated to vehicles with Metallic/Polychromatic paint finishes. This recipe that contains no added colouring or fillers, has taken over 18 months to fully formulate & research. It features High Refractive Index ingredients that allow increased...
Bouncers Done and Dusted Quick Detailer
1 x 500ml Bouncer's Quick Detailer, the aim was to create the ideal quick detailer and gloss enhancer that is simple to use, doesn't smear and is friendly on all surfaces and leaves protection behind with every wipe. We think that this has been achieved. Done & Dusted is an all-rounder with pleasing...
Bouncers Drop and Roll Glass Sealant Kit
Bouncer's Drop & Roll is a protective coating that bonds to your exterior glass to form a transparent, hydrophobic barrier layer that repels rain, sleet and snow upon contact. Drop & Roll works in conjunction with the natural airflow over the car to rapidly dissipate water droplets at speeds on excess...
Bouncers Looking Sweet Wheel Wax
1 x 100ml Looking Sweet - a fully synthetic, high temperature resistant wheel wax. Bouncer's 'Looking Sweet' is a highly durable, fully synthetic, high temperature wheel wax designed for use on all types of alloy wheels. It will assist in the protection your wheels against road dirt and brake dust, keeping...
Bouncers Sherbert Fizz
1 x 100ml Bouncers Sherbet Fizz Car Wax is a "core wax" in the Bouncers line of hand-crafted car waxes. This oil-intensive, buttery-soft wax is designed to create a fluid, wet gloss on vehicles of all colours. Bouncers Sherbet Fizz Car Wax applies without a fuss and buffs off to reveal crisp, clear reflections...
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Bouncers Vanilla Ice
1 x 100ml Vanilla Ice is a high volume, high spec T1 carnauba and Vanilla extract oils from the Fruits of the Planifolia Vine combined with Organic Coconut and selective Citrus oils blend to create that brilliant warm, glossy finish that many car owners require. Combined with an ease of use and strong...
Britemax Extreme Elements
One 473ml bottle. Extreme Elements is a super durable resin polymer cream sealant, used to protect against acid rain, bird droppings, salt water and arid climates. Seals with optical clarity and adds a depth of shine and warmth to painted finishes. Extreme Elements can be applied in direct sunlight and...
Britemax Max Shine
One 473ml bottle. Max shine combines Brazilian Carnauba and Montan wax along with a blend of amino-functional polymers that chain together to deliver a deep, high gloss finish with superb durability. Max Shine can be used as a standalone product or as a gloss enhancer applied after Britemax Extreme Elements....
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Britemax Spray and Shine
Spray & Shine is among our best selling products. Fortified with wax it offers a quick and easy application to create a beautiful wet look shine on all painted surfaces, clear-coats, plastics and metals. True wax components will not leave streaking after it has dried. Cleans chrome quickly and can be...
Dodo Juice Banana Armour Wax
1 x 250ml pot. Ideally applied by foam applicator pad, Banana Armour is a high carnauba wax that spreads thinly before setting like stone. Extremely impressive results, whether in terms of shine, beading or durability and perfect for layering. With yellow beeswax, orange oil and banana oil.
Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Wax
1 x 250ml pot. Given the success of Purple Haze, the soft wax for dark coloured cars, and Banana Armour, the first hard wax launched by Dodo Juice, it was only natural that a hard wax for dark coloured cars would follow. This is the result a deep blue hard wax that gives a deep, deep shine: Blue Vel...
Dodo Juice Diamond White Wax
1 x 250ml pot. All the durability you want from a Dodo hard wax, but with the purity you need for light finishes. Made with coconut oil, almond oil, white beeswax and micronised white carnauba. Perfect for white, silver and other light coloured cars.
Dodo Juice Future Armour Spray Sealant
Future Armour is a high-tech water based spray sealant that can be applied like an aqua wax during the rinse stage of a wash, or sprayed neat onto paint as an LSP after polishing. Amazing water behaviour, impressive durability and a price that undercuts older tech rivals... it really is the spray sealant...
Dodo Juice Hard Candy Wax
1 x 250ml pot. Like Rainforest Rub, Hard Candy contains candelilla wax as well as carnauba but it s harder in texture instead of soft. This makes it slightly less oily, so it applies more consistently (but more slowly) with a foam pad. Better for durability, perhaps.
Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Wax
1 x 250ml pot. With no added colour, white beeswax and coconut oil, Dodo Light may be a pale wax, but its a strong performer. Easy to apply, by hand or foam applicator pad, it cures quickly and buffs off cleanly to leave behind a clear carnauba wax layer ready to impress you with its shine and beadi...
Dodo Juice Orange Crush Wax
1 x 250ml pot. Orange oil suits a car wax perfectly, being a natural cleanser and one of the nicest smelling oils on the planet. Blended with carnauba and yellow beeswax, it helps to create Orange Crush, a soft wax that breathes even more warmth into yellow, orange and red coloured cars.
Dodo Juice Purple Haze Wax
1 x 250ml pot. As smooth as silk, Purple Haze has a voluptuous texture and gives outstanding results on darker coloured cars thanks to the addition of black montan wax (often used in shoe polish). One of the most sophisticated Dodo Juice waxes, with a spicy fragrance.
Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Wax
1 x 250ml pot. A high carnauba car wax without the high price, Rainforest Rub gives you the depth, warmth and durability of more expensive brands at a fraction of the cost. Soft enough to apply by hand and suitable for all paint colours, Rainforest Rub contains added candelilla wax and smells of fresh...
Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical Protection Detailer Spray
250ml bottle. Red Mist Tropical is the slower drying version of Red Mist. It has the same active ingredients as the original protection detailer, but its slower drying formula gives higher workability and less chance of smearing - especially in hot climates. If you find that Red Mist dries too quickly...
Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid Paste Sealant
Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid - Half wax, half sealant. Supernatural Hybrid takes on all-comers in the LSP market, whether these are expensive boutique waxes or fashionable hi tech sealants. Excellent durability and heat resistance from this semi synthetic recipe, available in a handy and affordable...
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Dodo Juice Wax Panel Pot
1 x 30ml pot. Panel pots are the perfect way to sample the Dodo range, without buying a full size pot. Each mini jar contains 30ml of wax, enough for a layer or four on the average sized car (some people have had up to nine layers from a pot!!) Also great if you can't quite decide on which Dodo Juice...
Krystal Kleen Detail - Mist X Detailing Spray
'MIST X' Quick Detailing Spray is a concentrated polymer blend for fast and easy finishing of painted surface. Advanced wetting agents ensure excellent coverage and a very thin polymer coating which enhances the gloss and reflectivity of surfaces. The hydrophobic polymers provide a boost to your LSP...
Krystal Kleen Detail - Trim X Tyre and Trim Sealant
TRIM 'X' from Krystal Kleen Detail is a blend of highly advanced polymers for improved visual effect and increase durability on tyres and exterior trim. With its complex base of siloxane polymers TRIM 'X' when applied will cross link and bond to the surface it is applied to giving a gloss sheen and enhanced...
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