A selection of the finest plush drying towels. The easiest way to dry your vehicle. These have a thirst for water, whether it be the Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe - 1200gsm of plush Microfibre, the Autobrite Direct Reaper, or our iShine Blue Fluffy Drying Towel - all allow you to dry your vehicle with ease..

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Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel
A luxury drying towel with an ultra deep pile developed to safely dry your vehicle with ease. The Aqua Deluxe drying towel is 500mm wide and 700mm long so will dry your vehicle whether its folded in to half or in quarters. Its deep 1200g/m pile will quickly absorb all surface water. Dimensions: 500mm...
Auto Finesse Glass Waffle Cloth
Cleaning automotive glass to a smear free finish is no easy task, we have created some great formulations to make the near impossible reality and now we give you the perfect tool to accompany them, this 40x60cm waffle weave glass towel folds in the quarters perfectly to assist you cleaning glass on all...
Autobrite Clean Towels Microfibre Wash Detergent
Clean Towels by Autobrite Direct! Microfibre towels and pads perform a huge number of tasks in the detailing of a car. Wash pads, drying towels, polish removal, wax removal, glass cleaning and more. It stands to reason that the fabric will end up filthy, and in need of a deep clean. Look no further than...
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Britemax UberMax Drying Towel
UberMax IncREDible Drying Towel 50cm x 70cm (1000gsm) Double Thickness Deep Plush Pile Single Seam 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28") 1000gsm A luxurious double thickness, deep plush pile drying towel developed to safely dry your complete vehicle with ease. The UberMax IncREDible drying towel is a massive 50cm...
Dodo Juice Furry Liquid Microfibre Wash
One side effect of using premium microfibres like the Dodo Juice Fantastic Fur is that they get dirty. True, a few of our customers simply frame and mount these gorgeous specimens and never dislodge a filament in anger. But most use these microfibres to good effect, and they get, well - a bit mucky afterwards....
Dodo Juice Orange Plush Drying Towel
A two-ply towel, ie it is effectively two microfibre towels woven together to form an extra dense, super absorbent drying cloth that can gobble up even more water than normal. 60x60cm size with microsuede edging and made from the same plush fabric as the popular Soft Touch towel.
iShine Fluffy Drying Towel - Large
The iShine Large Fluffy Drying Towel. A super soft, deep pile microfibre towel with Red banded edges. Microfibre edges that wont scratch Streak Free absorbent Towel that drys totally everytime 2ft x 3ft towel Dry your car / van with ease Lint free Will absorb 10 times its weight
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Krystal Kleen Detail - Micro Wash
Krystal Kleen Detail MICRO WASH is a specially formulated microfibre and polishing pad wash detergent. It will remove polish residue and dirt build up and leave your microfibres and pads ultra soft without the need for additional softening agents. This allows your microfibres to retain their absorbency...
Krystal Kleen Detail Krystal Grey Microfibre Cloth
The Krystal Grey is a high quality plush edgeless microfibre with with a thicker longer pile than the Green General. This makes it the ideal microfibre for the final buffing of waxes and sealants and especially on those sensitive soft paint finishes 500 gsm 40cm x 40cm Twin sided Edgeless 80% polyester...
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