For a safe wash, ditch the typical sponge, and swap to a wash mitt. Traditional sponges don't allow dirt to be moved away from your vehicles paintwork. This dirt merely sits between the foam face of your sponge and paintwork, and creates micro scratches which will show in direct light (ever wondered why your car looks swirly on a sunny day?)

A plush mitt allows the dirt into the pile of the mitt, thus removing it safely from your vehicle, allowing a much safer wash process. We always recommend the two bucket method. Have a second bucket of clean water alongside your usual wash suds bucket. After each panel, rinse the mitt throughly in the clean water, before washing the next panel. This will minimize damage to your vehicles paintwork via washing.
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Flexipads Four Finger Merino Half Mitt
Super soft and leaves an excellent finish. This four finger mitt is perfect for wheel's and those hard to reach place's. The perfect companion for the full size merino mitt! Only use with pH neutral shampoo's. Made in Great Britain
Flexipads Merino Swirl Free Wash Mitt
Irish Merino SWIRL-FREE Soft Wool Wash Mitt Large, Fluffy and highly durable. Leaves an excellent swirl free finish. Features: Purest 4 Irish Merino wool 20x30cm Safe on any surface Will last for over 200 washes! Made in Great Britain
iShine Microfibre Wash Mitt
The Microfibre wash mitt is perfect for use all around the vehicle. Noodles of Microfibre lift dirt and grime away from the bodywork, to safely wash the vehicle without scratching. Also perfect for use on wheels and save your delicate lambswool mitt from damage. Machine washable. Colour may vary.
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