Dodo Juice Release the Grease - Engine Bay Cleaner
Dodo Juice Release the Grease - Engine Bay Cleaner
Product Code: DJrelthegrease
Brand: Dodo Juice
Product Condition: New
weight: 600g
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You may not be aware, but our chemists do some or their best formulations when listening to music. In the case of Release the Grease, they just so happened to be listening to "Dirty" by Christina Aguilera. While getting down and picturing xtina in her knickers and chaps they created a powerful degreaser/cleaner and making it citrus base, harnessing the natural cleaning power of Orange Oil (amongst others). We found it great on engine bays, underbody areas (on your car, not people) and other grimy areas/components. Once you see that grease and dirt start flowing the moment it hits, we're sure you'll agree too.

It's a useful addition to the range, and quite frankly if you haven't used it, what are you waiting for? Release the Kraken!! Erm... I mean Grease!!

500ml bottle with spray head. 




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