From all purpose microfibres to soft and plush buffing towels, along with specialist microfibres for glass - you'll find everything you'll need here.

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Auto Finesse Ultra Plush Microfibre Cloth
These ultra plush microfiber cloths are perfect from removing residue left by our signature waxes. The deep pile makes sure that the surface is perfectly buffed and the slick edges ensure no unwanted swirls or scratches are added. Along side a Waxmate and a 150g tin of wax this offers for the perfect...
Autobrite Clean Towels Microfibre Wash Detergent
Clean Towels by Autobrite Direct! Microfibre towels and pads perform a huge number of tasks in the detailing of a car. Wash pads, drying towels, polish removal, wax removal, glass cleaning and more. It stands to reason that the fabric will end up filthy, and in need of a deep clean. Look no further than...
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Dodo Juice Fantastic Fur Buffing Cloth
Not many people realise, but the underside of the dodo boasts the fluffiest fur on the planet. We took advantage of this, by shaving dodos at the peak of their fluffiness and getting island villagers to knit them into microfibre buffing cloths perfect for scratch-free buffing of polishes and waxes. With...
Dodo Juice Furry Liquid Microfibre Wash
One side effect of using premium microfibres like the Dodo Juice Fantastic Fur is that they get dirty. True, a few of our customers simply frame and mount these gorgeous specimens and never dislodge a filament in anger. But most use these microfibres to good effect, and they get, well - a bit mucky afterwards....
iShine Microfibre Glass Cloth
The ultra short pile of this Microfibre glass cloth enables you to get a streak free finish with ease! Available in two sizes - Small approx 40 x 40cm Large apporx 40 x 60cm Colour may vary.
Krystal Kleen Detail - Micro Wash
Krystal Kleen Detail MICRO WASH is a specially formulated microfibre and polishing pad wash detergent. It will remove polish residue and dirt build up and leave your microfibres and pads ultra soft without the need for additional softening agents. This allows your microfibres to retain their absorbency...
Krystal Kleen Detail Krystal Grey Microfibre Cloth
The Krystal Grey is a high quality plush edgeless microfibre with with a thicker longer pile than the Green General. This makes it the ideal microfibre for the final buffing of waxes and sealants and especially on those sensitive soft paint finishes 500 gsm 40cm x 40cm Twin sided Edgeless 80% polyester...
Microfibre Cloth - General Purpose - 12 pack
Our all purpose Microfibre cloths are superb for all round use. Soft, plush microfibre fabric, and a handy 40 x 40 cm size. Whether buffing polish or wax, wiping down panels with quick detailer or cleaning the glass - this cloth will do it all! 12 pack Colour of cloths may vary from picture - (currently...
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