Autobrite Magifoam
Autobrite Magifoam Snow Foam
Autobrite Magifoam Snow Foam
Autobrite Magifoam Snow Foam
Autobrite Magifoam Snow Foam
Autobrite Magifoam Snow Foam
Product Code: ADmagi
Brand: Autobrite
Product Condition: New
weight: 4500g
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Magifoam has been formulated to be a concentrated ultra high foam additive that will produce an extremely stable dense foam when used through a Heavy Duty foam lance. With a light banana scent this product is extremely pleasant to work with and the stable foam produced will linger for up to and over 30 minutes meaning that there is no more rushing around to clean wheels, badges or door shuts like before whilst the foam is dwelling. By using Magifoam as a foam pre wash the risk of swirl marks and scratches when washing the car is dramatically reduced.

Superior, Safe Cleaning Action
Very High Foaming 
Banana Scented
Economical to use. 
Produces a blanket of foam on vehicle
Dwells on car surface up to 30 minutes giving you maximum penetration and cleaning
Contains biodegradable surfactants
LSP safe
Leaves a great finish!
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should really be 4.5 stars
Really good foam. About 1 inch in the bottom of the bottle and topped with water. Nice thick foam that slowly slides down the car removing most of the dirt. Would have given it 5 starts but their devils blood seems to have a bit more cleaning edge but these are the best I have tried yet that don't kill your wax.
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