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Auto Finesse Crew Bag
The ultimate storage for the expert detailer that needs all of their Auto Finesse products to hand where ever they're working. Consists of: Two outside pockets, with one mesh pocket for damp cloths 12 x 500ml & 250ml pockets inside 2 x 1L spaces inside Extra room through the middle to fit more bottles...
Auto Finesse Detailers Kit Bag
At long last after being the most requested product in our suggestions box the final design has been settled upon, they have been made and found their way in to our warehouse ready for you to store all your AF gear neatly and tidily. The bag is made up of three compartments with the central compartment...
Autobrite Clean Towels Microfibre Wash Detergent
Clean Towels by Autobrite Direct! Microfibre towels and pads perform a huge number of tasks in the detailing of a car. Wash pads, drying towels, polish removal, wax removal, glass cleaning and more. It stands to reason that the fabric will end up filthy, and in need of a deep clean. Look no further than...
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Dodo Juice Boot Cube Bag
Keeping products upright in the boot of your car hasn't been easy until now. The Boot Cube has camera-bag style dividers to help keep contents vertical, plus plenty of mesh pockets for waxes, cloths etc. External hook and loop strips prevent the bag rolling during transit and a zipped opening keeps dust...
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Dodo Juice Furry Liquid Microfibre Wash
One side effect of using premium microfibres like the Dodo Juice Fantastic Fur is that they get dirty. True, a few of our customers simply frame and mount these gorgeous specimens and never dislodge a filament in anger. But most use these microfibres to good effect, and they get, well - a bit mucky afterwards....
Dodo Juice Hog Hair Brush
Wheel and detailing brushes need to have a short-ish bristle depth to prevent them from flexing unduly, and this means that metal collared brushes are no use theres a chance the collar could scratch the surface being cleaned. The Dodo Juice Hog Brush uses a plastic collar to guard against scratches,...
Dodo Juice Spray Air Fresheners
Everyone loves the smell of Dodo Juice waxes (plus other products!) Now you can have those awesome scents in the interior of your vehicle. Handy 100ml pump spray air fresheners, for application onto carpets, mats, etc. Available in the following scents Rainforest Rub Hard Candy Blue Velvet Purple Haze...
iShine 947ml Spray Bottle with trigger head
A spray bottle for all uses. 947ml Handi hold HDPE bottle suitable for most cleaning solutions, plus your choice of spray head - Left to right on pic.. Standard Trigger Chemical Resistant Trigger Heavy Duty Hi Output Trigger Foaming Trigger
iShine Carpet Brush
The iShine Carpet / Mat brush. Perfect to clean floor mats and carpets. Sturdy plastic handle, with stiff bristles to tackle even the most stubborn dirt on carpets and mats.
iShine Dash / Vent Brush twin pack
The answer to getting the dust from air vents, stereo surrounds and other hard to reach places in the interior. Our pair of dash / vent brushes feature a slide lock design, so you can have short or long bristles to dust even the most awkward places in your car.
iShine Detailing Brushes
iShine Detail Brushes. Perfect for cleaning in those hard to reach places. Whether it be cleaning around badges, wheel nuts, grilles and door hinges, or dusting interior vents or switches...these hard wearing versatile brushes can do it all. Soft natural bristles, with a durable plastic handle. Available...
iShine Double Loop Wheel Spoke Brush
Our double loop wheel spoke brush is the answer to keeping the insides of those wheels clean. Its size means it will fit through the spokes of most wheels, and enable you to clean the inside of the wheel rim with ease. Now you no longer have to look at those clean wheels, only to be let down by the amount...
iShine Large Wheel Spoke Brush
Our large wheel spoke brush is the answer to keeping the insides of those wheels clean. Despite its size it will still fit through the spokes of most wheels, and enable you to clean the inside of the wheel rim with ease.
iShine Microfibre Wheel Brush
Our microfibre wheel brush features a super soft microfibre head, to allow you to clean wheels safely and effectively. Its size means it will fit through the spokes of most wheels, allowing a complete and through clean with ease.
iShine Polishing Cone
A super soft foam polishing cone. Perfect for polishing wheels, exhausts and other intricate areas. Supplied with 6mm Spindle, so will fit most electric drills.
Krystal Kleen Detail - Micro Wash
Krystal Kleen Detail MICRO WASH is a specially formulated microfibre and polishing pad wash detergent. It will remove polish residue and dirt build up and leave your microfibres and pads ultra soft without the need for additional softening agents. This allows your microfibres to retain their absorbency...
Krystal Kleen Detail Krystal Grey Microfibre Cloth
The Krystal Grey is a high quality plush edgeless microfibre with with a thicker longer pile than the Green General. This makes it the ideal microfibre for the final buffing of waxes and sealants and especially on those sensitive soft paint finishes 500 gsm 40cm x 40cm Twin sided Edgeless 80% polyester...
ScratchShield Grit Guard
Scratchshield Grit Guard. The essential accessory for your wash bucket!!! Simply place in the bottom of the bucket, and when washing, this handy guard will ensure that you don't pick up all the dirt and grit that rests in the bottom of your bucket on your mitt! Fully adjustable to fit the majority of...
Sole Flavours Air Freshener
Sole Flavours Air Fresheners. Please select from the drop down menu Conquer - Leather Fresh Slammed UK - Coco Vanilla Looney Goons - Marine Fresh Jurassic Sole - Coconut Cream Green 870G - Melon Purple 870G - Blackcurrant Red 870G - Cherry Red 90 - New Car Blue 90 - Blue River Tiffany Blue Old School...
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